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The Coral Series is Moving to Gallery Doo - Seoul, Korea

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Over the past few weeks, MiYoung has been in Korea representing 3 art pieces of her series, Coral, at the GIAF in South Korea. Now, they have been accepted in a multi-artist exhibition at Gallery Doo in South Korea where the pieces will stay for a while longer.

If you happen to be in Seoul, Korea or know someone who is, you can check out Gallery Doo located at 63-18 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Gyeongwon Building B1, with valet parking available. The Grand International Art Fair at Shilla Hotel in Seoul has encouraged journalists like Park Una of The Korea Herald to write about it. The fair attracted over 3,000 art viewers while showcasing the works of over 300 artists, nearly triple the expected amount of visitors. One visitor named, Kim Eun-jung from Daegu, says that the art fair is especially good for new art buyers who want to buy art for their homes, because the lighting at the hotel is similar to home lighting.

The fair mainly had small to medium sized art, perfect for more intimate sized rooms, and easily to transport. Similar to what we have at Gallery B612. We aim to be buyer friendly for new art collectors, and given the city life, our pieces are easier to manage a place to hang and transport to.

Gallery Doo is a friendly neighborhood gallery full of cheer and support for new and intermediate artists. MiYoung is very excited for her new showing of the Coral series at Gallery Doo in Cheongdam. The poster above translates to,

" Exhibition of 23 Popular Artists, 2023, I'm Going To See You Now 2023, July 19 (Wed.) - July 31 (Mon.) "

The Coral (2018)

Mixed Media 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches

You may recognize these three pieces titled, “The Coral,” “Coral Reef - Sapphire” and “Coral Reef - Ruby,” recently hung at Gallery B612. They have since traveled across the globe to the GIAF exhibition in Seoul, Korea. With textures formed by rice-paper, poured resin, controlled impacts and heating, this inseparable pair represents the dynamic motion and beauty of a coral reef.

Coral Reef, Ruby (2018) & Coral Reef, Sapphire (2018)

Mixed Media

12 x 36 x 1.5 inches each

These pieces evoke the textures of an ocean in motion. Life source is high and thriving in our ocean's coral reefs, so full of diversity, color, creatures, and textures of all sorts. The rough corals are depicted with a harsh rough texture highlighting the rockiness. Two bold and majestic colors are highlighted: Ruby and Sapphire. Known names for precious gems, so too is the value, if not more, of our earth's precious ecology we call, the coral reefs.

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