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About Gallery B612

Initially founded in mid 2020 under Prince and Fox, LLC, Gallery B612 aspires to be a gathering place for artists, dancers, fashion designers and creatives from all walks of life.  To this date, the gallery has featured a Solo Exhibition from founder and curator, MiYoung Margolis and served as a gathering place and rehearsal space for MMDC and Dare to Dance. 

Gallery B612 is a literary reference to Asteroid B612 in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book
titled, The Little Prince. Gallery B612 is our "art planet," our gallery and studio, in the Seattle SODO neighborhood.

We believe it's important to provide space for artist to share their voice in a physical representation where others can view and discuss the pieces as well as mingle with others in our community. In our modern American world, there are less and less public spaces for people to spend their free time. Here, we will hope to provide safety and connection for the Seattle community.

At Gallery B612, you can find original works of MiYoung Margolis, as well as juried exhibitions of work by local and international artists.

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