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Art Exhibition

February 29th - April 6th, 2024

About the Exhibition:

Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of African-American culture, history, and creativity through the compelling lens of art. This call invites artists to delve into the depths of the African-American experience and the various countries of Africa, showcasing the vibrancy, resilience, and diversity, and richness of this continent.

The exhibition aims to spotlight the multifarious narratives and artistic expressions stemming from the African-American journey—embracing its profound influences on art, culture, and society. Artists are encouraged to explore various mediums, styles, and perspectives, offering a diverse range of interpretations, from the ancestral legacy to contemporary visions.

Join us in honoring and exploring the multifaceted stories that shape and enrich the cultural landscape through the captivating lens of African-American art.


Featured Artists

Andy Ayivor
Charde' Brown
Gretchen Hansen
Juan Hood
Crystal Johnson

Michele Knox
Viktoriya Leyfman-Frenkel
Adala Makhulo
Tali Rachelle
Teresa Rancourt
Autumn Tranquilino
Randall Vemer
Tim Wulf

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