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New Beginnings
Art Exhibition

January 19th - February 17th, 2024

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 2.12.08 PM.png
About the Exhibition:
"New Beginnings" invites artists to explore the beauty and complexity of fresh starts, transformations, and the hopeful energy that comes with embarking on a new chapter.
From the vibrant hues of dawn breaking on the horizon to the symbolic representations of rebirth and renewal, this theme beckons artists to capture the essence of beginnings, whether personal, societal, or cosmic.
Whether through abstract interpretations, poignant narratives, or vivid imagery, this theme encourages artists to delve into the emotions, stories, and visuals associated with the profound concept of starting anew.


Susan Bagrationoff


Michelle Gehlman-Teeter


Gretchen Hansen


Steve Jensen


Michele Knox


Janice Lyons


TyResha Jones-Smith


Tom McIntire


Teresa Rancourt


Hee Seo


Marcus Shriver


Martha Shade


Cameron Tyzzer Wilson


Randall Vemer


Kamilla White


Tim Wulf

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