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Local Performing Artist

Open Call

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Gallery B612 is in search of performing artists for one of our

exhibition's opening receptions, which happen every 6 weeks.


We would like to showcase acoustic, classical, folk, traditional , modern style from singers, small bands, fashion designers, spoken word poets, and small dance groups. Family Friendly.

In order to be considered, please send us your

resume and portfolio including:

1. Artist/Group Name

2. Genre
3. Mobile Phone Number
4. Website & Social Media Links
6. Songs/pieces of choice
7. Video sample of performance

First Artist Reception
Recap Video


On May 18th, 2023, Gallery B612 held their first Artist Reception. They featured 25+ artists, over fifty art pieces, and five special performing talents at this show.
The artists were able to attend the reception and connect with the fellow art community of local artists, art collectors, and friends alike. The support was high and the energy was surging with life as locals and neighbors were brought together at this special event.
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