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Youth Speeches & Interview Questions Help Build Future Creatives of Seattle

On November 28th, 2023, Gallery B612 hosted the Youth Art Competition Artist Reception which featured artist speeches and a piano intermission by youth pianist, Stella E. Lee.

A portion of the this show's proceeds will be donated to a local charity supporting low income children. This experience will help support the young artists' path toward the fine art world and prepare them for processing their work in galleries and build confidence. When it comes time for awards, the show's jurors will separate ages by three divisions. Each age group will have their own awards divisions as follow: 3rd grade - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, 9th - 12th grade.

The event was hosted by MiYoung Margolis, Co-Owner and Curator of Gallery B612. After the short speeches, MiYoung asked the artist a series of interview questions allowing for the guests to get a closer understanding at their inspiration sources and future plans as artists.

As nervous as the youth were to prepare and present speeches, it is beneficial to them in building confidence in their communication and critical skills which ultimately helps guide their path forward professionally and creatively. By being pushed to ask themselves questions about their work, the young artists forge a clearer understanding of themselves are visual expressionists. In order to be a successful visual communicator, one must also efficiently communicate verbally in some sense to connect the bridge between creative thinking and interpersonal messaging.

The artists who shared about their work are Suhhee Choi and Sophia Kleven.

Sophia prepared for us a speech about her artist journey which started from early childhood, finding joy in drawing on the walls and growing into drawing on paper. From there, she finds her inspiration from her home life amongst her 4 siblings. Her art reflects a story of experiences and observations.

Dancers in Colored Wear (2023), 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting by Sophia Kleven

Available at Gallery B612 now through December 16th, 2023

MiYoung's interview with Sophia...

Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

A: Usually just from my home. I grew up with my four siblings, so there's always something going on with my life; [being with them or elsewhere.]

Q: What is your future goal as an artist?

A: My future goal is the be able to live off my art. [Being able to make that my whole living.]

Q: What mediums have you tried?

A: I usually use acrylic, but I've dabbled in digital.

Q: So far, what is your experience with gallery work?

A: This is my first time ever doing something with a gallery.

Q: Are you going to join next year again?

A: Probably. I'd love to.

Suhhee Choi created this artwork to show that sometimes people do things that may be harmful to themselves and those around them. Such as white lies, smoking, and other toxic things which may creep up on us with out realizing at first. The needles symbolize those things that are harmful to us, and the stars symbolize the good feelings the harmful things give us in the moment.

Happy Heart. (2023), 18 x 12 inch pencil, marker, brush pen drawing by Suhhee Choi

Available at Gallery B612 now through December 16th, 2023

MiYoung's interview with Suhhee...

Q: Where do you get your inspirations?

A: Sometimes I find my inspiration online when I look at other artists' [pieces]. I usually draw things like this because I observe what's going on around me at school or at home.

Q: So my favorite artist is Chagall, Marc Chagall. Who is your favorite artist?

A: I don't have a favorite artist; I'm still trying to find my artist I find my inspiration from.

Q: Have you ever explored using other mediums, oils... I see you are more interested in your drawing side.

A: I haven't really explored other materials yet. Just pencils and ...

Q: What is your future goal in terms of being an artist?

A: I'm not too sure yet, but I think I want to have. a job where I can draw a lot, but I can also do some separate jobs, maybe one can be .. I wanna do character design, and I can draw things like this on my free time and maybe post it online.

Q: If someone just tried to buy your piece how do you feel like?

A: I think I would feel kinda surprised. Because I wouldn't expect someone to willing to actually buy and spend money on.

Q: How is your experience so far working with a gallery?

A: So far, I've enjoyed it. I think it's pretty [calming] for me. It's something I can find more passion in.. I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do when I'm older but i think this is like a good start to find the right career...

Q: Are you going to join next year?

A: Probably.

Stella graciously played for us a few well known songs for the reception guests to enjoy.

Gallery B612 takes pleasure in featuring live performances for our special events and encourage musicians to continue their craft in bringing people together through the art of music, singing, and dance.

We believe it's important to provide space for artist to share their voice in a physical representation where others can view and discuss the pieces as well as mingle with others in our community. In our modern American world, there are less and less public spaces for people to spend their free time. Here, we will hope to provide safety and connection for the Seattle community. Thank you to everyone who made this a special night.

This event was recorded on Facebook and Instagram live stream, which are available to play back on Gallery B612's Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Youth Art Competition is showing now through December 16th, 2023 here at Gallery B612.


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