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Solo / Duo Exhibition

Rowan Eriksson

December 20th, 2023

Solo Duo Artist Reception (Rowan Eriksson) - Banner.jpg

Join us for the Artist Reception
celebrating the work of Rowan Eriksson

Watch the Live Q&A celebrating the work of Rowan Eriksson at Gallery B612's Solo / Duo Exhibition Artist Reception.

About the Artist:
Rowan Eriksson, a painter hailing from the vibrant city of Seattle, has a unique artistic journey that has evolved from a classical foundation into the vibrant realm of pop art. As an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Rowan's personal narrative is marked by a distinct upbringing in a conservative southern commune. This upbringing not only shaped their perspective but also fueled a profound curiosity about the power of social media as a potent tool for propagating ideas and influencing public perceptions, particularly with regard to the queer community.

This rich and diverse background, alongside a deep connection to the LGBTQIA+ community, has profoundly impacted Rowan's artistry. Through their work, they explore the transformative potential of visual art in challenging preconceived notions and embracing the full spectrum of human diversity. From classical roots to pop art innovation, Rowan's artistic journey is an inspiring testament to the capacity of art to spark social change and foster understanding in our ever-evolving world.

About the Exhibition:
This exhibition aims to explore the juxtaposition of different artistic styles, themes, or mediums to create a harmonious and thought-provoking visual experience for a local artist to showcase in Gallery B612.

We believe that art is a powerful medium for self-expression and creativity, and we are excited to provide a platform for solo artists like you to share your unique vision with the world.If you are a passionate solo artist looking to exhibit your work, we encourage you to apply to be a part of our upcoming exhibition. This is your opportunity to have your art featured in a local gallery, where your talent will be celebrated and appreciated by art enthusiasts, collectors, and the Seattle community.
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