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Artists Relating To Our Next Art Calls: Seattle & Freedom

Here is a blog post about some of the artists at our current ‘Grand Re-Opening Exhibition.’ Let it be known that we will be having art calls every month for our themed exhibitions at Gallery B612. Our second art call for the ‘Freedom Exhibition’ just closed, and we are making way to announce the third one, ‘Summer In Seattle.’ Of which, I'm even thinking of applying for! The Gallery B612 team aims to encourage young artists to grow in their confidence and keep the artist community alive in Seattle and beyond by hosting these calls and gathering artists and friends to each of the receptions. I’ll talk a bit about some of our current artists who happen to fall in theme with our next exhibitions. Summertime in Seattle truly is a special time where the city is blooming with life in this unique urban seaside city with tons of iconic activities to do and sights to see. Let’s celebrate Seattle this Summer with our art.

One of our best sellers thus far has been the works of Brian Brenno. Brenno created two unique mixed media pieces, The Pink Elephant and Blue Moon, capturing the memorable historic sights of Seattle using recycled soda cans. This glimmering material truly reminds us of the sparkle and shine these sites held in our hearts in the past and now, in our memories, they are highlighted just the same.

A current favorite for tourists and locals alike is the Pike Place Market. We have one piece showing this work by the artist Girlspit, who created the photo-realistic piece titled, Holiday Market, using black paper cut out by hand. This location truly captures Seattle’s iconography as the black and white helps make this timeless. The urban fixtures and textures of harsh lines and structures holding up the sign all give a sense of the history that has been preserved in Seattle and still utilized today.

If you’d like to be cozied up with the ports along the coast of Seattle’s shipping industry in the Sound, you must know about our one and only textile piece of this exhibition. Chandra Wu created a quilt titled, Pacific Rim. Those in the South Seattle area are familiar with seeing the shipping ports from a horizontal worm’s eye view, but how often do we get a chance to view the shapes and outlines from a bird’s eye perspective?

Brooke Borcherding represents downtown Seattle with an abstract piece titled, Urban Hallway No. 5. Borcherding’s use of strong vertical and horizontal uniform brush strokes create a sense of pattern. This downtown alleyway can be found in many areas of Downtown Seattle as you walk through exploring the city.

As sneak peak to our art call that just closed for the Freedom Exhibition, Our current artist, Jamie Stevens’ piece titled, Tea In The Morning reminds us of the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where the main character often devoted her only free time to spending alone time in the mornings overlooking the window from inside a New York cafe enjoying the life she has and soaking it in.

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