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Exploring the Metaphysical: MiYoung Margolis' 'Butterfly Dream' Series at LA Art Show 2024

'Butterfly Dream', Mixed Media, 20"x26" Each

We are thrilled to announce that artist MiYoung Margolis will be showcasing her latest series, 'Butterfly Dream,' at the LA Art Show from the 14th to the 18th of this month. This captivating series of mixed media pieces invites viewers to embark on a profound journey exploring the transient nature of existence and the interconnectedness between reality and illusion.

Inspired by the philosophical and metaphorical realm of Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream, MiYoung Margolis delves into the depths of existential contemplation through her artwork. The story of Zhuangzi's 'Butterfly Dream' recounts a moment of profound ambiguity, where the protagonist questions the boundary between reality and dreams, highlighting the fluid nature of perception.

In MiYoung's interpretation of 'Butterfly Dream,' she combines various textures and elements to express a sense of transformation and metamorphosis, symbolizing the fleeting beauty of life. Each piece, measuring 20x26 inches, intricately weaves together delicate and dynamic textures, inviting viewers to experience the ephemeral moment when Zhuangzi becomes a butterfly in his dream.

Moreover, the contrast of textures within the artwork reflects the complexity of existence, prompting viewers to contemplate moments of impermanence in their own journeys.

MiYoung Margolis suggests that 'Butterfly Dream' serves as a visual meditation on the boundary between perception and reality, exploring the deep interconnectedness that transcends the confines of our everyday understanding.

Through her series, MiYoung Margolis proposes that art can provide a space for introspection, transcending the boundaries of reality and dreams. 'Butterfly Dream' invites viewers to embark on a journey of deep reflection and exploration of existential connections, inviting them to question the nature of existence itself.

If you're attending the LA Art Show, be sure to visit MiYoung Margolis' exhibition and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of 'Butterfly Dream.' This is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone passionate about art and existential exploration.

We look forward to seeing you there!


February 14-18, 2024


West Hall

J & J Art Booth #410

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