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First Blog & First time at Pioneer Square Art Walk

March 9th, 2023 Written by: Aleen Caeli

Hello everyone, I'm Aleen, the assistant curator at Gallery B612. I'm going to be writing blogs now and again sharing my experience as a curator. Last week, Miyoung and I had the pleasure to tour the Pioneer Square Art Walk. That was my first time going seeing any of these galleries here.

We started with some contemporary art, that was lighthearted and uniquely crafted with paper cut outs. I studied what is currently in our local art world as it's been a while since I've been to an art gallery. Let alone seen professional Seattle local art. I did see a student exhibit at the Bellevue art gallery over a year ago, which blew me away at the quality and conceptualization styles of the assigned theme.

Back to the Art walk: There were a couple galleries that had dark art. It reminded of a more solemn and heavy style that of Tim Burton. No photos of those, but these below are some other favorites from that night.

As we toured the rest of the galleries, I saw more and more amazing pieces of work. The very last gallery we toured was the most lively with music, drinks, and mingling local appreciators. It was at a preserved and protected historical brick building with high ceilings, brick walls, and hard wood that all had a character of their own. I'm please to learn that historic buildings are protected in the city. I can only imagine how much charm it has preserved for Seattle.

What made me the most excited was seeing etch prints by Pablo Picasso himself. I quickly went to Miyoung to get her to come see them with me. Incredibly special to see a renowned artist's sketches. I have done my share of metal etch printing while I was studying at Cal Poly, a very integral process making such prints.

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