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MiYoung Margolis' Art in the Grand International Art Fair - Seoul, Korea

Our very own MiYoung S. Margolis is exhibiting a series of works to the Grand International Hotel Art Fair (GIAF) at the beautiful Shilla Hotel & Resort, room 1141, located in Seoul, Korea. This show is big and brings on over 300 domestic and international artists totaling around 1,800 paintings to be exhibited. The show is starting June 30th and ending July 2nd.

MiYoung is currently on a business trip in Korea to represent her works at the exhibition and is very excited to join this special event and connect her Seattle business, Gallery B612, to reach international ears.

If you happen to be in Seoul at the moment, or know someone who is, be sure to check out and enjoy the GIAF art exhibition. During the exhibition, artists and art collectors have a chance to consult upon the art pieces, just like Gallery B612’s Artists Receptions for each exhibition’s opening night.

The Coral (2018)

Mixed Media 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches

You may recognize these three pieces titled, “The Coral,” “Coral Reef - Sapphire” and “Coral Reef - Ruby,” recently hung at Gallery B612. They have since traveled across the globe to the GIAF exhibition in Seoul, Korea. With textures formed by rice-paper, poured resin, controlled impacts and heating, this inseparable pair represents the dynamic motion and beauty of a coral reef.

Coral Reef, Ruby (2018) & Coral Reef, Sapphire (2018)

Mixed Media

12 x 36 x 1.5 inches each

These pieces evoke the textures of an ocean in motion. Life source is high and thriving in our ocean's coral reefs, so full of diversity, color, creatures, and textures of all sorts. The rough corals are depicted with a harsh rough texture highlighting the rockiness. Two bold and majestic colors are highlighted: Ruby and Sapphire. Known names for precious gems, so too is the value, if not more, of our earth's precious ecology we call, the coral reefs. These pieces will be back in Gallery B612 sometime after the GIAF exhibition in Korea is over.

We wish and hope we can someday usher in our gallery artists to an international fair as well. It truly is a remarkable experience we want our artists to grow into and experience.

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1 commentaire

Susan Bagrationoff
Susan Bagrationoff
30 juin 2023

Congratulations on your exhibition! Incredible textures and hues!

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