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Photo Blog: Asian American and Pacific Islander Opening Reception

The opening reception for the API exhibition on April 11th featured 22 artists and more than 40 original artworks. The eventing was packed with socializing, cider tastings, and music, dance and shodo performances. Enjoy our photo blog celebrating the evening.


Complimentary tastings were provided by Republic of Cider

Performing artists:

Korean traditional music performance by HyunJung Jin (Rachel)

Korean traditional dance performance by MinSoo Kim Silvy 

Live shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance by Sora Shodo 

Selected Artists: 

Eva Agus

Michelle Jing Chan

Rosaline Dou

Gillian Duenas

Gretchen V. Hansen

Lucia Hwang

Grace Kim

Mira Kim

Jennifer Kwon

Laili Lau

Myong Lee

Michael Nguyen

Vian Nguyen

Kyong Oh

Fedra Rogers

Pranavi Rohit

SORA Shodo

Randall Vemer

Lavanya Venkateswar

Allen Vu

Ryan / that RAW Weimer

Tim Wulf

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