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Spotlighting Abstract Pieces Selected For Grand Re-Opening Artist Exhibition

Updated: May 23, 2023

Showcasing at Gallery B612’s Grand Re-Opening Exhibition are several new artists. Some of which have submitted abstract style art works. Each piece has a unique flare and form of expression ranging from soft lines and movement to harsh and bold tones.

Here are the artists grouped under the abstract category.

Derek Winslow created a series of works about navigating through the emotional turmoil in search of peace and happiness. One of which titled “only way through” expresses just that.

Winslow writes: "the only way through" is an acrylic painting on wood inspired by working through difficult emotions. Rich purples surround the bright, happy yellow and red, and they all find themselves split by a river of blue. The only way to connect the red and yellow, representing happiness and peace, is to cross the river of blue, expressing sorrow and pain.”

The third piece in this collection is meant to be viewed uniquely through a multi sensory experience. Headphones are required to listen to this piece. According to “You” by Rachel Fasano, the fundamental piece of the human experience is by listening. This piece actually comes in two paintings, You (Part 1) and You (Part 2). Fasano “chose to utilize bitonality as a musical limitation to mirror the visual complementary color scheme.”

Yukio Kevin Iraha, born in Japan, created expressions of nature derived primarily for memories he’s experienced, folklore, history, and cultural anecdotes. One of his pieces titled “Ascent (Life) 04” is a mixed media drawing and painting with geometric like patterns hiding a large monument derived from nature's grandeur. The viewer is able to identify a vivacious sky encompassing a cliff side reaching upward.

Michele Knox aims to capture the spontaneity of life to express it through her paintings. Her piece titled “Above it” is a composition split in half separating the top and bottom of the frame. With a rigid style, the viewer can feel the essence of the piece causing a division and potential for emergence to break way through the ground. There is a lot of movement and action in the lower part indicating action and struggle through the chaos. And where the peace is found is only achieved after breaking through following the pull of the subject in the top right of the frame resembling an arrow which draws the eye upwards.

“The Bookmark” is a piece inspired by a friend who helped in humanitarian efforts overseas in Cyprus. Janice Lyons was inspired by the friend and created this in admiration of their compassionate commitment and exemplifying empathy to strangers in need. Lyon’s piece is a display of richness in human empathy via warm and shimmering tones and textures that have a lively and passionate voice to them while hiding text underneath the art itself as a self reminder.

We invite you to see these wonderful works in person at Gallery B612 now through June 17, 2023. See below for business hours and address.

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1 Comment

Susan Bagrationoff
Susan Bagrationoff
Apr 28, 2023

Looking forward to seeing these beautiful works in person on May 18th.

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