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Spotlighting Mysterious and Mythical Pieces Selected For The Grand Re-Opening Exhibition

Updated: May 23, 2023

Showcasing at Gallery B612’s Grand Re-Opening Exhibition are several new artists. Some of which have submitted mythical and imaginative undertones in their pieces. Collectively, the works are other worldly, colorful, and imaginative. Here are a select few pieces that fall under this theme:

Paloma Andreu’s 28 x 13 x 13 inch piece titled “Quetzalcoatl Dragon Ancestral Knowledge” is a bronze sculpture of a dragon only found in tales of folklore. The ferocity of this beast is not there for no reason. It represents the god of war represented by the Aztecs and Toltec cultures of Mexico also known as ‘Our Young Prince.’ The dragon is a Pan-Mezo American Serpent God covered in feathers, has a long snake-like body, and is posed in a frame of intense motion and action.

Susan Bagrationoff’s 18 x 24 x 0.5 inch painting titled, “The Sea Hag,” tells a magical story of a driftwood come to life peaking out at the world. The soft color palette creates an airy fairy element along with the shiny metallic pieces. This centralized composition still creates a sense of curiosity to the viewer sensing the presence of a being yet, it is blended discreetly in the sand-surrounded driftwood laid horizontally in frame. Pointillism was used for the sand and palette knife techniques for the ancient piece of driftwood.

Renaissance inspired portrait artist Kaylyn Chileen, creates works modernized to her cartoon style. One of which, titled “Dusky,” a 7 x 5 x 1 inch oil painting on gesso board, is of a figure enwrapped in bold mystical jewelry and embroidery longingly posed in the night. There are moons and stars invalid on her dressings and a moonlike gaze is on the figure’s face which seems to be just as well lit by the moon itself. Chileen’s treatment of light brings the piece to a fantastical and lively moment that the viewer is sure to be enriched by.

Kevin Ducoing’s work depicts folk and ghostly narrations about the inhabitants of us: the inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. One of his pieces titled, “Wanderlust Number 0.3,” is a 30 x 20 inch acrylic painting on canvas. Ducoing’s work exemplifies the houses we’ve built and live in are experiencing variations of weather and light throughout the day. The trees surrounding us outlive a single person five or ten times. What stories and sights do these evergreens hold? The trees are an infamous part of the PNW. We often feel the solitude where we live, especially out of the city. The trees provide that for us often whispering a formidable tone of aloneness amongst these great trees whilst still witnessing their awesomeness.

Michael Hovey’s piece titled “Small Undertones” is a subtle example of the juxtaposition of reality with unexpected items placed to create a realm of a foreign realm. The piece is a 14 x 11 x 2 inch oil painting on canvas. The viewer is staring right into a blue wood pallet box standing upright under a direct light source. This trompe l'oeil style still gives the viewer a sense of curiosity that the reality you are looking at is signaling something peculiar. The variation in human anatomic figures are sized to be of equal scale, that is a hand and a lower torso with legs. The familiarity between these two have often been personified in play.

Tom McIntire’s piece titled “Beach 38: Montgomery Olivier Heath Cliffed” forgoes single imagery and brings the passage of time into one looking glass. McIntire’s piece depicts a multi-scene experience of absurdism style narrative. The viewer is presented with a split day and night scene one on top of the other only mirrored by the main subject who is standing in the same position. McIntire maintains a drawing of the scenes via the overlap of some elements breaking the barrier between the two scenes. The main subject seems to be awe whilst observing his surroundings of various flying animals and geometric objects flying around him.

We Invite you to come to come out to see these art works in person at Gallery B612 in Seattle, Washington between the days of May 18th - June 17th, 2023. The Grand Re-Opening Artist Reception will be held on May 18th 6:30PM - 9:00 PM.

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