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Spotlighting Nature and Uplifting Essence Pieces Selected For The Grand Re-Opening Exhibition

Showcasing at Gallery B612’s Grand Re-Opening Exhibition are several new artists. Some of which have submitted elegant floral beauty and uplifting presence style art works. Each piece is bursting with bright bold colors of warmth and elegance. This blog will only showcase one piece per artist, but the exhibition will have more.

Starting off with a crisp gentle morning activity, Jamie Stevens’ piece titled “Tea in the Morning” is a 40 x 30 inch acrylic on canvas painting of a young woman with warm golden hair gazing into the distance. Her surrounding environment seems to be of a liminal space between waking and attuning herself to the start of the day indicated by a blue and yellow ombre of haloing color around the head of the subject. The main colors used in the entire piece are various tones of orange and blue. In some areas, they blend and in others they starkly contrast, as seen on the chiaroscuro of the subject. Using chiaroscuro in a painting is often a call for higher meaning. It is possible Stevens wants to show the separation of attention to where the subject is physically versus where her mind may be.

Eileen Boschler’s piece titled “Feelings of Joy” is a piece inspired by Boschler’s own home garden. Boschler expressed her appreciation and devotion to supporting the bees by planting these flowers.In the painting, we see three large round flowers thriving as they bloom. It’s a 20 x 20 inch mixed media encaustic piece, and the unique strokes and textures are quite visible. The rich colors and organic forms and lines all around bring life to the piece alluding to the free form of nature.

Micha Gerner’s Piece titled “Jonny of Pike Place Market” is a 30 x 24 inch acrylic painting of an older gentleman amidst an abstracted backdrop.The subject is in fact based on a Seattle street musician. He looks to be seated and focused on playing an instrument. He is wearing a large brown coat with wisps of his hair flowing in the wind showing movement and caught in action. Much of the details are blocked with bold colors that dance across the entire frame. We see a haloing effect around the subject with brush strokes beaming directly out from him as well. One could argue Gerner is showing the beautiful air that street musicians create for the surrounding people. The sounds of music beam out reaching as far as anyone may hear there is a beauty in providing that for the public with not much expected in return.

The work of Von Dickens Ulsa is that of a beautiful scenic sunset view of a destination piece titled “Palehua.” The 8 x 8 inch recycled acrylic piece shows a beach sunset hiding just behind a large tree and a campground shelter atop a hillside. There’s a mountain down below, various shrubbery, and a colorful sky that is all coming to life in the beauty of the land that the sunset highlights and intensifies. Ulsa’s goal: “[To] embed de-colonial narratives in his works to encourage the viewers to “indigenize” – reconnect with ancestral knowledge centered on cultural authenticity, environmentalism, and identity reclamation.”

Divina Clark’s piece titled “Spirit Horse” is a mixed media painting that includes neon fluorescent acrylic, spray paints, and oil paints on a 12 x 24 inches wrap-around canvas. This is an experimental piece meant to fuse these mediums to create a special effect when lit with a black light flashlight. The subject is an ethereally colored white and blue horse gently trotting towards the viewer with grace through what could be the splashes of waters crashing behind the horse. Clark’s attention to detail in the horse’s hair and the water mists and splashes of the piece is best seen in person. Horses often symbolize things like freedom, movement, majesty, and an untamed nature.

Marzy Rahrovi’s piece titled “Dream” is a 36 x 36 inch textured acrylic painting. “Dream” is a centrally framed floral abstract art piece with a circular wreath of plump red and tiny blue flowers amongst draping branches of leaves. The wreath encompasses a soft blue glowing center that radiates into green and yellow blended streaks. These bursts of gentle but lively colors are soothing to the viewer and meant to lull the viewer into a state of relaxation and calm orchestrated by nature.

We Invite you to come to come out to see these art works in person at Gallery B612 in Seattle, Washington between the days of May 18th - June 17th, 2023. The Grand Re-Opening Artist Reception will be held on May 18th 6:30PM - 9:00 PM.

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