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Summer Artisan Market: Check Out Our Local Crafters

Last weekend, Gallery B612 hosting their very first Artisan Market featuring beautifully set tables and products hand made by Seattle area artisans.

Last weekend, Gallery B612 hosting their very first Artisan Market featuring beautifully set tables and products hand made by Seattle area artisans.

There were a wide range of jewelry crafts made of paper, gems, figurines, and genuine rare colored pearls! There were also uniquely shaped candles, tie-dye t-shirts and hoodies, festival

Halloween barrettes and goodies, handmade postcards, stickers, and more!

Summer is a fun time for vendors and buyers to get out and enjoy the weather while connecting with the local craft community and supporting local business. Simultaneously, we have Summer themed artwork depicting Seattle (now through September 2nd), so it made for a great event.

Each of the vendors offered thoughtfully crafted items that truly show the love they have for their handiwork. Artsy Ears creates custom jewelry, luscious soy candles, and paintings.

At the market, we saw gorgeous colored candles of all shapes, like puppies, male and female figures, modern cubes with rounded blocks, and much more. Artsy Ears products remind us to enjoy the beauty in life and to remember to love each other and each day as it comes.

If you want to embody a wild spirit into one article of clothing, go for a Pure Madness tee, bag, or hoodie! Each piece they dye is completely unique and no two are alike. Stand out from the crowd with these fun comfy tees and hoodies.

We had a gemstone jeweler who created elegant ethereal style necklaces and earrings. Common Goods uses genuine stone and metals, such as lava and sterling silver, to design minimalistic pieces that help you connect with nature with elegance.

Common Goods Seattle is femme forward, disabled owned, and is a business that gives back to the community. There are a multitude of colors of gems and shapes to choose from, some organically shaped and some uniform. Each piece is a true treasure you do not want to pass.

Barko Art Studio designs toy creatures that are out of this world, wall prints, skateboards and skate tape, and streetwear. The freedom to be authentic and quirky is a token all weirdos crave, and Barko Art Studio personifies just that. Good vibes and fun expressions are seen on all his pieces and will surely connect with the wildest of tastes and make anyone smile.

If you're looking for original festival goods for the upcoming Halloween season, You have got to check out Crafteria. She creates wonderful and intriguing resin art decor, accessories, jewelry, gifts and more! Plan your Halloween party using Crafteria's products as party favors!

When you're looking for a good story told visually, here's a local artist who does just that!

Art Sorcery creates sequential art in the style of imaginative and graphic illustrations. He sells original prints and can turn your photo of choice into a painting, either in minimal sketches or full color styles.

If you want to wear the motion of the ocean, look no further than Robot Mom Creations. This local business brings the ocean to you in the most genuine form possible with resign-held functional art, jewelry, wall art, and trinket dishes and trays.

And what rare treasure can you find in the ocean? Tahitian pearls! Nicole Pearl Collection creates baroque style genuine Tahitian black pearls into all sorts of jewellery styles.

You are bound to find a creation you absolutely adore. Her attention to motif and detail is astounding and you will find a piece for any and all occasions.

If you adore nature like most of Seattle dwellers, then you'll love Simply Quilled Designs of symmetrical patterned jewelry and art made of paper. These teeny tiny creations have a large amount of detail and intricacy within them. You will be memorized looking at any of their pieces. Simply Quilled Designs are mirrored and heavily inspired by what we see in nature. Captured in a similar material for you to wear and adore.

Check out the links of all these local crafters as linked in each paragraph above. Our next Artisan Market will be towards the end of the year during the holiday season.

Thank you for supporting local artists and business.

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