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The Nature of Summer In Seattle, Multi-Artist Spotlight

The Gallery B612 jury have selected charming pieces for the Summer In Seattle Art Exhibition. The exhibition shares the fun and excitement of experiencing Seattle Summers here in the urban Pacific Northwest. Come see the open exhibition and watch the city come to life where people are enjoying the warm Seattle season.

To see event photos from the Summer in Seattle Artist Reception, click here.

This blog will highlight one single art piece per selected artist of this exhibition that celebrates the beautiful nature side of Seattle Summers. The artworks represent some of the types of activities tourists and locals like to do and the scenic views that are much enjoyed.

Eileen Boschler's piece titled, Drifting By (2023), is a 24 x 18 inch encaustic mixed media painting. The jellyfish are dancing gleefully in a deep blue ocean. Boschler utilized various textures and media treatments to portray the translucent characteristics of the jellyfish anatomy. This portrayal brings to life the often mysterious awe these creatures give us. The bold deep and bright colors of teal, yellows and pinks evoke a pleasant summer feeling of wonder and fun. Many times, you can you see little jellies if you look over the boardwalks of the coast here in the PNW.

Brian Brenno's art work titled, Summer Sailing (2022), is a 14 x 9 inch mixed media piece made of hand-cut aluminum cans. This unique choice of media creates for truly fun and remarkable artwork. It brings the imagery to life in a fantasy and cartoon-like way and pops out into reality with it's 3-demensional bends and layers.

Brenno's treatment of aluminum cutting is extremely precise as seen when taken a close look at the details. The water waves have a consistent scalloped pattern giving textured motif to the water. The chosen lettering creates for representational iconography of the famous ferries that sail back and forth the Puget Sound area of Seattle. Locals hop on the ferry to spend time on various islands for day trips. You must see this piece and his other works in person.

Marne Jenson's piece titled, The Waterfront (2019), is a 24 x 24 inch abstract depiction of sailboats on dock the waters of Seattle. The main colors used are blues, teal, and bright reds. In terms of compositional, it is quite symmetrical in every way. The eye is drawn up and down as well as left and right of the scene.

The bold colored long lines drawn out in the water make for lovely reflections of the sail boats and structures beyond. This makes for a feeling of a near sunset or sunrise time of day where the boats are calmly sitting atop the serene water with not a wave to be seen.

Jacob Mclean's piece titled, Mr Sandman (2022) is a 48 x 28 inch acrylic painting on natural canvas. The main colors used are blue, red, mustard yellow, and green. The composition is fairly central, but it radiates out diagonally in all corners. The subject matter is an abstract representation of rivers and trees amongst several red suns spread like patterns.

To many PNW dwellers, this is surely a classic PNW scene, but executed by a graphic twist. With a background in design, the artist has craftfully created a reversible orientation in which the painting may be hung either way vertically. When seen person, the viewer can see two artist signatures placed properly for either orientation.

Tom McIntire's piece titled, Beach 20 - St. Peaches Teaches Levitation (2022) is a 14 x 14 acrylic painting on wood panel. The subject matter consists of swimmers gliding mid swim in water and a dolphin. The main colors are pastel blues and pinks. The depiction illustrated in this piece are multi-dimensionally representing various spaces and times all in one scene.

Marzy Rahrovi's piece, titled, Fen (2022) is a 48 x 38 x 1.5 inch resin, acrylic and mixed media painting. The main colors used are greens, blues and pinks. The subject matter is a close up scene of a lake bed full of life such as lily pads, flowers, and dragon flies. It's a fairly central composition but the eye does lean toward the larger flowers on the left. Naturally, the eye wonders to explore other details in frame.

David Orin Smith's piece is titled, Plein Air at Madrona Beach, 2:48-3:48pm, Thursday 8.11.22, Lazy, Sunny, Very Faint Rainier. The subject matter consists of a body of water trees and a large mountian in the distance. The work was made plein air, outside, observing Rainier and Lake Washington from Madrona Beach on an August afternoon.

The main colors used are blues and some warmer greens. It is a natural perspective of anyone who would be standing at this perspective. The artist's treatment of atmosphere in the distance is spot on to most PNW days.

Chandra Wu's piece titled, Shipping Lanes is a 19.5 x 14.5 x 1 inch textile. The main colors are majority blue and some white. It is abstract, but the subject matter looks like boats on a body of water and below are tall city buildings.

Come see these works in person and more at Gallery B612's Summer In Seattle Art Exhibition. Located in SODO. Open now through September 2nd, 2023.

To see event photos from the Summer In Seattle opening reception, click here.

Thank you for supporting local art.

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