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Past Events

May 2023

Last Thursday evening on May 18th, 2023, Gallery B612 held their first Artist Reception. They featured 24 artists, over fifty art pieces, and five special performing talents at this show. The artists were able to attend the reception and connect with the fellow art community of local artists, art collectors, and friends alike. The support was high and the energy was surging with life as locals and neighbors were brought together at this special event.

Grand Re-Opening Reception 1.jpg
Q2 Networking Postcard 2023 - Gallery B612.jpg

May 2023

SODO BIA hosted their Spring Business Networking Event at Gallery B612. Anyone who owns property, a business, or works in SODO was invited to join. Complimentary food, and drinks be provided from a local business. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the SODO business community.

April 2023

Social Paint Night is a time during the week the local community can get together for a relaxing and creative evening.

Appreciation Party
O-Jak Bridge and Gallery B612 Family

December 2022
Let's come together and celebrate each other and our recent O-Jak Bridge festival with an end of the year appreciation party!

Talent Search

We are in search of performing talent for our Freedom 'Artists Reception' June 22nd, 2023.
Fashion show, musician, band, small dance, team, spoken word, etc.
For questions, or to send resume and portfolio, email us via the link below.

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